Meeting notes tab missing?

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I created a channel, and posted a meeting to it.  I expected a meeting notes tab to appear.  I joined the meeting and created a conversation with participants, and still the tab has not appeared.  HOW do I create meeting notes tab, and why does it seem inconsistent?  In another Team, the meeting notes seem to work automatically.

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The meeting notes tab gets created the first time a channel meeting is created and you press the meeting notes button
Hi @Tamara_B-W

See article -

Go to the channel where the meeting occurred (or the meeting chat if the meeting wasn't in a channel) and find the meeting. Beneath it, select Show notes in fullscreen.

Selecting Show notes in Fullscreen may create the meeting notes Tab

Let me know how you get on

Best, Chris

@adam deltinger 


Thank you.  The meeting notes tab was not created, and there is no meeting notes button. 

@adam deltinger wrote:
The meeting notes tab gets created the first time a channel meeting is created and you press the meeting notes button

So if you click ... during the meeting on the meetings panel, there is not meeting notes option?

@Christopher Hoard Likewise - none of the options referenced exist.


So - no ready solutions - is there a way to escalate this for assistance?

Hi Tamara,

Doesn’t look like it at this point. We’ve been through a few ways to activate it and these don’t appear to do anything.

At this point, I would consider raising a ticket through the Microsoft 365 Admin Centre. We’ll all be interested in the root cause once it has been fixed by Microsoft.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris



Under Channels, there isn't a Notes tab, but there is a Wiki tab.  Similar format.


Under Meetings there is a Notes tab, but to get to it, go in before the meeting occurs and click on the Notes tab.  Update some of the info, even with placeholders.  During the meeting you can access Notes, Files, Whiteboard.


If there are more than <> (15 or 25, number not confirmed) meeting attendees, the Notes (and other tabs) will not show during the meeting, without setting up before.

@Tamara_B-W  - did you ever get an answer?  I have the exact same problem - if I create a meeting without attaching it to a channel, I have a meeting notes tab.  When I attach it to a channel - it disappears.

Dear Team,

Please help the last one month we are managing the meeting notes on a daily basis in the meeting tab.  Suddenly the meeting tab is missing from today and I am not getting any way to get it back.  Please help us to get it back...

Hi created a meeting notes from the meeting I organised but when I went back to the note I show I have no access, similarly the meeting note tab is missing.

@Christopher Hoard  We have the Meeting Notes tab in some channels but not others, and I can't figure out how to add it.  We don't have a "meeting notes" button in the meeting or calendar like some have mentioned in other reply's in this thread, seems strange why it is in some channels but not others??

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I had exactly the same issue as described. When I go via Calender to a meeting where I am an organizer I have no option for the meeting notes. Since I was able to create meeting notes in some occasions I search using search bar and the I found a work around.
From left side bar with options like (Get Start, Activity, Chat, Teams, Calender, Calls ....)

select "Chat" then

Search for the meeting in Chat Recent (it is order by time and has calender symbol)

Click on the meeting and I had success, now I was able to create the meeting notes since the tab for meeting notes is now available.

I was in the same organization as the organizer and or I was the organizer. The meeting had less than 20 participants.

I hope it works for you also.

After this works you can go Calender, Select the meeting, if meeting is open, select chat and then you will see the meeting notes

I read on the Microsoft page that TEAM's meetings created from a channel where a meeting has not yet occurred in the channel cannot have meeting notes until a meeting has occurred.  I got around this by starting a meeting with myself within the Team channel, starting some meeting notes then leaving the meeting.


@LPalmer Hi, I'm trying to find the source of this information (that meeting notes only appear after meeting is started). Do you have it by any chance?

@BarbSitarzNo, I'm sorry I didn't bookmark the page I was just googling for info yesterday and stumbled across it.



@LPalmer  @BarbSitarz The information is mostly accurate.  I'm the original thread starter and I've learned how meeting notes work since then.

SO - when meetings are started, you can take notes in the meeting.  You can ALSO chat during the meeting.  You should do so.  The benefit of chatting is that it is also associated with the meeting.  SO when the meeting is over, you can go over to "Chat" and find the meeting chat.  The Meeting Notes are there.  (You can probably also find the meeting notes in the calendar, but I don't typically do it that way.).


The meeting notes functionality is available outside of meetings, as "Wiki" - and what Microsoft should do is just have the meeting notes show up there when looking for them outside of the meeting.  But anyway, at the present moment - that's what I know!