Marking an assignment as submitted

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Hi All,

I have an Instructor who would like to know if she could mark an assignment as submitted if the assignment was turned in as a hard copy, not uploaded into Teams.


Basically, she wants to change the status of the students' assignment to submitted when it has not been uploaded.




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@CheWeigand Did you ever find the answer to this? 

@jcoombes No, and I haven't had the chance to follow up. I'll try and schedule an in-house test this week. Thanks!


So I finally got the chance to open up a test Team that contained assignments that were never turned in. This is what I did:

1. clicked on the assignment

2. clicked on the student

3. Entered Feedback (when it was turned in and that it was a hard copy, not electronic)

4. Entered Points5. Clicked on 'Take action in Student view'

6. Clicked on the Turn in late button

When you go back to the list of students for that assignment, you will see a check mark and 'Turned in by Teacher' in the Status column.