Make it USER FRIENDLY (kinder kids)

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Please make it more user friendly so my kindergartners can interact, join meetings, and attend small groups. I also need to be able to unmute my students. I also don't like that I can't pin myself as a presenter or the large gallery works only when it want to.


help this #frustratedKinderTeacher :facepalm:


Thank you

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Hi @blancatorres,


I think whilst it is always good to bring technology to all ages, Teams was not intended for such a young audience but you do have some really good suggestions.


If participants are getting accidently muted by other children, then perhaps ensuring they are set as an Attendee could help in that respect. But the nature of muting is that someone is not permitting to being heard, so in most situations for someone to take it upon themselves to force someone to be heard would not be welcome.


So it would be good to see a Teams for Kids but that does not presently exist.


So what I would recommend is going to and either upvoting or creating your own entries to help improve Teams for all.