MacOS unable to share screen, Teams not listed under Screen Recording in settings

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I'm using Teams ( with MacOS (10.15.4) and am unable to share my screen during a meeting.


I've read up a bit on this issue and understand I need to enable Teams within the "Screen Recording" part of the Security and Privacy settings.


Unfortunately, Teams isn't listed under Screen Recording and I can't see a way to add it. Has anyone encountered this issue before? Any ideas on how to get Teams to show up under Screen Recording?



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I am running 10.14 so I am not quite seeing the screen recording piece. I have had a similar issue where the cam and microphone were not working and I had to add the teams app to the accessibility portion from security and privacy. Wondering if your Mac is managed using an MDM and if the screen recording portion was protected by the MDM. Assuming these are the instructions you followed for 10.15 ??




Thanks, Bp.


I've just updated to version of Teams. The update re-triggered the request to the OS to enable Screen Recording. I'm up and running again.


Appreciate your help.

@WheelsBAI and all! 

I have the exact same problem. I just don't see how I can get Teams listed in Screen-recording - Privacy

I have version  No updates available.


Any -other- suggestions? Getting desperate here.


@Aitje Solving this involved these steps for me running macOS 10.15/Catalina:

1.  Add Teams manually to the list of apps allowed to control your mac in:
Security & Privacy -> Accessibility
2.  Then go to Security & Privacy -> Screen Recording and Teams will have appeared in that list for you with a tick box for you to allow screen sharing permission

3.  It will require Teams to restart for the permission to take affect

4.  You can now remove Teams from Security & Privacy -> Accessibility if you wish

On the Mac, I have followed your instructions to add Teams to Accessability, but it does not show up under Screen Recording still. Any idea how to fix this?@gjsa73 

@MacBobL I have the same problem - can anyone help?

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@whitmarshdaniel I kind of got a workaround/fix for the time being. This is what I did.


Rather than trying to share the screen from the call/meeting (which obviously gave me the warning and opening of the "Security & Privacy" setting didn't show Teams in Screen Recording" - I tried sharing the screen from the chat window of the same call and it opened a dialog box asking whether I need to deny or allow "Teams from sharing the screen. From there I opened the "Security & Privacy" -> Screen Recording and there it was - "Teams" and selected "Teams"


I attached a screenshot.


PS: Additionally I earlier did add "Teams" to accessibility and not sure whether that helped too.


I saw this tip in another blog and IT WORKED!


If you have a second account with Microsoft Teams, log into that account. I didn't so I just made one with my personal email address. 

When I tried to screen share with the personal email, the Options to select Teams for screen recording was there. I gave Teams permissions in that account, logged out, logged back into my regular account, and it worked!


Good luck!

This solution worked for me. Thank you! Move this response to the top of the list!!

@gjsa73 I did the first step, even then the MS teams is not appearing in the list for screen recording

@e_mall Thanks a lot!!!!! It worked for me! :) 

@Rangith Having tried everything else, I was almost going to give up hope. Then I tried what you suggested and it worked! Thank you!

@Rangith, I was very close to give up on this issue until I read your post :).  It worked!!!!  Thank you so much.


The fix for macOS is simple and I have written an article with the steps:

Hope it help

@Rangith thks it worked, I had to turn off the new meeting experience though (new meetings and calls in separate windows)

@WheelsBAI I'm new to MacOS, only about 30days in so the whole privacy/permission settings setup was new to me. I keep getting the prompt to allow Teams under Screen Recording permissions, but Teams was not an option. 


My solution: Under Teams > Settings > uncheck new meeting experience > restart Teams. Start new meeting and try to share. privacy settings prompt comes up and NOW Teams is available under Screen Recording, select Teams to allow. Go back to Teams and voila, screen share works now!  I prefer the new meeting experience so I went back in to the Settings and turned it back on. Restarted Teams and screen share is working for me now! :) 


I suggest to toggle the meeting experience off or on to try and get Teams to show under Screen Recording option for you.

@rickyroca73 Thanks so much - this is the only work around that worked for me!

@WheelsBAI THIS IS FOR ANYNE HAVING THIS ISSUE ON MAC - QUICK FIX AS STILL AN ISSUE FOR SOME |USERS EVEN NOW - Create a new user account, ensure Teams is fully quite, fast user swap DO NOT LOG OUT, open Teams, sign in using the same credentials, open calendar with Teams, click meet now, join your empty meeting, turn video/audio/camera/mic on, attempt to share screen, click the security preferences message, unlock the padlock, tick the now visible box in the screen recording sections for Teams, confirm it works, log out the user account, log back into you user account, open Teams and it works. The choice/selection is retained from the previous user account. This normally indicates you have a damaged user/preference file somewhere in the user Library of your account and/or you have another app interfering like ones used to allow SYSTEM audio (black hole) to be heard/layed directly in Teams for Mac which you cannot do directly in Mac and only Windows.