low volume message, annoying

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every time I start a new meeting I got a message "low speaker volume" see picture.

HOW CAN I disable popping up everytime? I am running external soundcard, external microphone.

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The problem I guess is not that the volume is low, you can hear without any problems, right? The problem is the popup warning. I think that this is because that you don't use a certified audio device, so Teams thinks there is some kind of problem with your audio device.


Check this page for certified devices.


@Linus Cansby 


I dont care what Teams thinks :) only the message is super annoying

I have the same problem. Could you please add a checkbox 'Don't show this again'.

@Narfotic I have the same message plaguing me all day. I use a professional audio interface and microphone. A simple option to dismiss the warning permanently would be nice, and super-easy to add.

@Linus Cansby Certified device to use Teams? Really? Does Microsoft think they can establish limits and requirements to audio standards? Like KGB? Don't make me laugh. That's fricking annoying message your customers are asking to remove, do it, silently.

@Linus Cansby I'm using an external audio interface and getting the same annoying message every time I join a call. Needing to use a certified device is a joke. Microsoft needs to add an option to never show the message again.

@noelc63 I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 with Logic Pro X - We use this for our online worship. The members are able to hear me, but I'm unable to hear them. If I change to HDMI I can hear the audio. But if I switch to the 18i20 - no volume. This is the message that keeps showing up "You may not be able to hear because your speaker volume is too low."

@AAbraham3  I am using Focusrite 18i8.   Getting "Low Speaker Volume" and noone can hear me.  WHY can't they make it simple?  Took two months to finally dial in ZOOM.   New group using Teams.  Started out like it was going to be super easy, but wishful thinking.   Anyone have a remedy using Focusrite Interface?  

@AAbraham3 Using a Focusrite Claret 8PreUSB myself. Still not solved. All it takes is to add a "Don't show this message again" checkbox.

I'm also having this problem because I use the HDMI audio on my computer to output to headphones or speakers via my monitor. Is there a way to submit bug/feature requests for Teams? Making this message not show again, or having Teams remember if I dismiss it for a specific interface, would make this product a lot better.


Same problem here.  This has been an outstanding bug for over a year.  When will Microsoft fix this?

I'm still seeing the same issue as well.


Microsoft made a really stupid assumption with Teams - that every person's audio input happens on channel 1.


I also use a Focusrite interface with a microphone connected on channel 2. Zoom and Slack have no problem, everyone could always hear me just fine. Teams - no sound at all. Finally I used audio software (Loopback) on my Mac to create a new virtual audio device called "Teams Input" that simply routes audio from channel 2 (where my mic plugs into the Focusrite) to channel 1. Then in Teams preferences, select "Teams Input" as the microphone input. Problem solved.


Or I could reorganise all my gear to satisfy Microsoft's channel 1 assumption... nah.


I cannot say enough good things about Loopback audio software for Mac. Unfortunately it's not free, (or cheap). But if you already have professional audio hardware you will find a use for it. Another way you might find it useful is with the Rocksmith game, naming a virtual audio device "Rocksmith USB Cable Adapter" allows you to route amplifier or guitar to the game without using the special Rocksmith USB cable.

Does Microsoft monitor these forums to realize this is an issue?
I've been having this issue. It's a result of using an external audio device and is rather annoying. It's a bug in Microsoft's software and imo a message they should disable until they find a fix. Its common sense to check the volume if no sound is coming through. It's really a needless message on every front.

Its 2022 and this still has not been addressed.
I use headphones, so how can Teams know the volume of those? I see this message every time I get into Teams and every time I dismiss it because it is completely useless to me.