Live Events Option Missing from Teams

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I have gone through all the policy, I am an admin in Teams, everything is enabled. The tenant is in the US, we have E5 licensing.  I have no idea why I can't see the new live meeting option in Teams.  



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@PslagerI have the same problem. Seem to be removed with Microsoft 365 Business Standard . 

@Pslager Hello, you've checked all prerequisites?


You're missing this option?





Sometimes I have to do a manual sign out / sign in for things to refresh. Perhaps you need to do the same (as long as the configuration and prerequisites are met).

@ChristianBergstromindeed that's the missing option. I even tried to logoff / logon and the problem persists. No option to create live event.

@Janneman Have you seen the option before? Are all users affected?


Perhaps you need to go through this again


If you know all is good you should open a ticket with Microsoft support.

in a meantime I figured out you need E1 E3 or E5 instead of Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium). E1 is on the cheaper than MS 365 BS.....

@Janneman I just realized I answered you and not @Pslager in my supplementary post. But great, as a best practice always check the necessary prerequisites :)

looks like microsoft just changed this recently becuase I had a user use live meeting option only a few months ago and she only had business standard.  this change to e licenses is recent i think and further it still doesnt work anymore even though i changed her to e3..... something else is blocking it with the new change, as usual microsoft is poor in communicating its changes. @Janneman 


Did you find out how to find the Live events option? I have the same problem,


@Snatk I have the same problem. I have read somewhere that it has to do with the country, and the available services for the specific country. I am located in Greece and I work a lot with Microsoft Teams , but for two years now the Event option is not available. I remember some years ago, when I first installed Teams, to test the Live event out. So it was available some years ago, but then this option disappeared!


Which licenses are you assigned to? Please check whether you are assigned to the any of the following licenses. Enterprise E1,E3, and E5, and education licenses A3 and A5. @Janneman 

Which licenses are you assigned to? Please check whether you are assigned to any of the following licenses. Enterprise E1, E3, and E5, and education licenses A3 and A5 @Snatk. Also, check which windows version and the browser you used. logout and logon again.