Live Events Option Missing from Teams

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I have gone through all the policy, I am an admin in Teams, everything is enabled. The tenant is in the US, we have E5 licensing.  I have no idea why I can't see the new live meeting option in Teams.  



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@PslagerI have the same problem. Seem to be removed with Microsoft 365 Business Standard . 

@Pslager Hello, you've checked all prerequisites?


You're missing this option?





Sometimes I have to do a manual sign out / sign in for things to refresh. Perhaps you need to do the same (as long as the configuration and prerequisites are met).

@ChristianBergstromindeed that's the missing option. I even tried to logoff / logon and the problem persists. No option to create live event.

@Janneman Have you seen the option before? Are all users affected?


Perhaps you need to go through this again


If you know all is good you should open a ticket with Microsoft support.

in a meantime I figured out you need E1 E3 or E5 instead of Microsoft 365 Business Standard (formerly Office 365 Business Premium). E1 is on the cheaper than MS 365 BS.....

@Janneman I just realized I answered you and not @Pslager in my supplementary post. But great, as a best practice always check the necessary prerequisites :)

looks like microsoft just changed this recently becuase I had a user use live meeting option only a few months ago and she only had business standard.  this change to e licenses is recent i think and further it still doesnt work anymore even though i changed her to e3..... something else is blocking it with the new change, as usual microsoft is poor in communicating its changes. @Janneman 


Did you find out how to find the Live events option? I have the same problem,