Linking Public Preview for Teams Desktop Client to Office Current Channel



A change to the Teams update policy allows tenants to connect Teams preview mode for the desktop client with Office Current Channel (Preview) for the Microsoft 365 apps for enterprise. When the change happens in late July, accounts configured to use Office Current Channel (preview) will automatically use Teams preview. It’s kind of logical because Teams is so closely connected to Office. In any case, settings are available in the Teams update policy if you want to move away from the enabled by default status favored by Microsoft.

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Thanks for sharing with this Community
I'm sure I'm missing something.
Per message center: "Action required by July 24." and "If you already have users who you have allowed to opt-in/opt-out of Public Preview and wish to maintain that setting in its current form, you will need to go to the Teams Admin Center to switch from the new default, “FollowOfficePreview” to “Enabled” (or use PowerShell)."
How do you switch from the new default to "Enabled" before the change (so it does not affect users that have opted-in to Teams preview but not Office Preview), until the change happens that introduces that option? (I suspect it is a chicken/egg scenario and will just need to be on the lookout for the option to change after it is introduced.)



The old AllowPreview setting is being deprecated. You therefore need to move to the new AllowPublicPreview setting if you want users to be able to switch into preview (or follow Office automatically). Here's what an updated policy looks like:


Get-CsTeamsUpdateManagementPolicy -Identity "Test Teams Users"

Identity            : Tag:Test Teams Users
Description         : A policy to test new Teams features before they are generally available
AllowManagedUpdates : False
AllowPreview        : True
UpdateDayOfWeek     : 1
UpdateTime          : 18:00
UpdateTimeOfDay     : 03/07/2021 18:00:00
AllowPublicPreview  : Enabled


Got it. Makes sense now. Thanks!