Hello, Happy Friday to all!  I have been requested to start research on lighting for our credit unions annual virtual meeting.  It will be held in our lobby when it is dark outside.  I am looking for advice, tips, or tricks on the best way to set up lightning.  I am new to video conferencing/vlogging, so I have no idea what I am doing.  Thank you in advance.  

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Are you maybe talking about Lighting? not Lightning? 


Lightning is the deadly stuff that comes from storms.

 That is true.  Sorry. mind is not sharp yet.  I have not had my morning Red Bull LOL.  @Ed Woodrick 

Like in which way are you talking about lightning

My credit union wants to do a virtual annual meeting via live streaming.  We do not think the current lights will be enough to make it look professional.  @Miguel1234 

@PKeller80 I'd look into TV production or Video production teams in your area. You are likely right, but just adding more lights without thinking about it is les than likely to help or fix it. 

We might have to so we do not buy the wrong stuff.  @Aaron Steele