Laggy video on desktop app - enabling custom background fixes?

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Hi Guys,

I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem, when I start a video in a meeting on the desktop app, my video is very laggy, as soon as I enable a custom background or the background blur it fixes the problem, disabling this makes it laggy again.

I don't have the same problem using the video in the web browser version of teams, really odd.


I made a video on my phone to show you whats happening, viewable here:

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I’ve noticed the lag here and there too on my own preview but the other end says it’s fine. Thinking it’s a bug with the video preview on the client. What if you disable 3D acceleration in settings it make any difference?

Hi @Chris Webb thanks for the response, I've tried disabling that but it still the same. Very odd. Also tried updating graphics card drivers, removing teams and re-installing etc. Odd bug. Other software such as the Zoom client don't have the bug so its definitely something to do with the teams desktop client.

I have the exact same issue over here @Alex Nagy.

When I use Teams on my notebook with the build in camera, no issues. When I use Teams on my desktop PC with my Auky webcam, the video feed is very laggy, exept when I turn on background blur. Really weird and I hope they will fix it soon.

@Alex Nagy I am having the exact same problem too, please let me know if you manage to fix it



No joy sorting it, the users you are speaking to don't notice it, and if you watch a playback of a recorded meeting it looks fine. Very odd.

@Alex Nagy Check your video card drivers.

Make sure you got the latest version from the vendor website.

@Alex Nagy 

I have the exact same problem!

I use Teams on my desktop with Logitech webcam and the video feed is very laggy,
but when I turn on background blur, the problem disappear...…. weird

I was having the same issue with my new webcam. I just found that, for some reason, there were two options in Settings->Devices->Camera. Both for the same camera, but one had "Cam_Engine-1" appended to the camera name. When I selected that second one, the lagging disappeared. Something to check in your setup if you are still using blur to fix it.
I'm seeing the same behavior, as well as one of my colleagues. I have tried signing out of teams and back in and that seems to address it at least for a few days. I haven't tried the background blur, will try next time it occurs and report back.

Running an HP 7th gen Elitedesk Mini and a Logitech Brio cam. Monitor is 4k. Drivers for video and camera are current.

@Alex Nagy  Guys. ... Had lagg  issue with $200 Logitec 4K webcam...... Fixed it by going into MS Teams/settings/general and checked the "Disable GPU hardware acceleration"... closed and restarted MS Teams,, all good

@billyk1035 I can confirm this did not work for us. Completely exiting Teams and going back in seems to resolve it for us. Although since a new point version came out in the last few days, we're not seeing it happen as frequently.

@billyk1035 That worked for me thanks with a full/hard re-start on Teams. Thanks.