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Dear Community, 


We really like teams and we are searching for the information in teams every day. We are working with a technology incidents and documenting a lot of stuff in the different documents which is also not very comfortable and fast to do. I tried to use wiki in teams, but the problem is, when I am trying to search for the keywords, Teams does not show me the information in the file, it allows me to download and see. 



I tried OneNote, but I could not find information from the global search, which was written in the OneNote file. 


Customer Service guys have very limited time to do the things. And updating different documents - also complicated. Does anyone know the way for me to have the Wiki structure categories, which could have subcategories as knowledge articles and I would be able to search for the keywords from the teams global search?



Does anyone knows best practice of those? we need to have simple knowledge database, to be able to add text and pictures. 


Thank you! 

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Hi! There’s a few apps out there that gives a wiki experience! For example:
It has better search than the built in wiki! The issue is that afaik you can’t use the teams search to find information in apps! I suggest to try OneNote again and use the built in search which is really good.