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November 09, 2021, 08:00 AM - 12:00 PM (PST)

Keyboard Shortcut for Raise Hand Feature in Teams

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Keyboard shortcuts are an essential alternative to using a mouse for users with mobility issues...

I'd love to know what the keyboard shortcut to the Raise your hand in a meeting feature that came out on Friday 15th May 2020 is. I couldn't find it in Keyboard Shortcuts by @Microsoft_Teams_team 

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Hi @SelenaCaamano

Unfortunately, there isn't one at the time of writing. Not on the Keyboard shortcuts list. I did a load of testing and tried on the ctrl + shift commands and ctrl + alt commands which are generally used for meetings

So I have raised a uservoice here

Please vote to push it up the agenda

Hope that answers your question. Hopefully its something we'll see in the future

Best, Chris

Hi @Christopher Hoard 


Thanks for trying to find out- I also tried every conceivable combination I could think of before posting, so I'm sort of glad you couldn't find one that worked either.


There are 22 Votes on the Uservoice so far, plus the comment that others have also tried various combinations to no avail.




Been trying to find this myself and did it by accident. On Windows 10 machine I found if you use tab it cycles through a bunch of windows and eventually works its way along the task bar. When it highlights the hand the return button toggles it on and off. Not as elegant as an actual keystroke but a workaround

I too have just been looking for this keyboard shortcut. Seemed very strange that it didn't get added at the same time as the icon.



Likewise i cant see how this isn't a shortcut at time of implementation.


The raise hand feature is being used by my 6 year old's school (remote learning) So i build a quick Arduino "button box" to emulate a keyboard input to see if that would help.


I build it for mute, raise hand and full screen.


Only the 1st in that list has a keyboard shortcut . . .

@ollylawrence Do you have a schematic for the button box you made? I'd like to do the same for my kids
Here is what I built for my kids:

Also another vote for a "Raise Hand" keyboard shortcut. The two things kids have to do CONSTANTLY is mute/unmute and raise/lower hands.

@SelenaCaamano I voted on MS Temas User Voice, but until they assign some shortcut I did this solution using AutoHotkey. It is sort of a macro.


I am an total amateur in AH so there are definately better ways to do it, but it works. It is designed for screen resolution 1600x900 and fullscreen multiple person call in Teams. It uses "numpad 0" and "numpad ," (easiest for my kids to reach and they do not need to write numbers in teams so OK for them), but other keys can be assigned. You need to..

1, download and install 

2, create new file named "AutoHotkey.ahk" in C:\Program Files\AutoHotkey directory

3, edit it using Wordpad or so, copy the below "code" in the file, save it. Potentially adjust it to your screen resolution or different key stroke based on further study of AH help file. It is very very complex.

4, If you do not want to start it manually each time then autostart AH after computer start using [Win+R], then write "shell:startup“ and hit [Enter], right click drag the AutoHotkey.exe to this autostart folder and choose to create shortcut there.

5, restart PC, it should work now


The AH code is as below...


#IfWinActive, ahk_exe Teams.exe
NumpadDot::Send ^+M
Numpad0::MouseClick, left, 1210, 75, 1, 2, ,
MButton::MouseClick, left, 1210, 75, 1, 2, ,


To explain what it does: If the active window is Teams, then...

  • when "Numpad ," is pressed then do CTRL+SHIFT+M (the standard microphone on/off shortcut)
  • when "Numpad 0" is pressed, move mouse cursor to position 1210 horizontally and 75 vertically (position of hand in fullscreen, if you have different resolution than 1600x900 then adjust accordingly), do 1 click, and the speed of mouse movement is very quick (2 on a scale 0-100), other parameters not set
  • when middle mouse button is pressed, do the same as above

Thanks to our 2pcs of MS 4000 mouse we have for kids, I assigned the side button to CTRL+SHIFT+M combination to switch microphone on/off in Teams. So they can switch microphone and raise/lower hand by using mouse keys or keyboard keys now. And I applied paper sticker with drawn hand and microphone next to keyboard keys.

@SelenaCaamano rejoice, as of Microsoft Teams version, you can now use Ctrl + Shift + K



As of Microsoft Teams version, you can now use Ctrl + Shift + K
Hi Chris! As of Microsoft Teams version, you can now use Ctrl + Shift + K
I have at linux/fedora33 and ctrl shift K does NOT work ; shortcut for mute ctrl shift M works

any idea what to set up?