Is there a way to disable GPU acceleration globally?

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We're running into an issue with several laptops with integrated intel graphics where Teams becomes frustratingly slow when GPU acceleration is enabled. You will type something and then there is a solid 2-second delay before the content populates. We've found that turning off GPU acceleration resolves this but it would seem that whenever Teams updates, it defaults it to being back on. 


I know there aren't any GPO's for Teams but is there somewhere else we can configure this to avoid having to manually toggle this setting each time?



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Hi there - this is very interesting to me as this shouldn't be the case. In fact, GPU acceleration enabled should make your performance better, not worse. Is there anything unique about your environmental scenarios that you could possibly share here? Is there any antivirus software also running that could be in combination w/ Teams? Please feel free to DM me.. Thanks!

@Sam Cosby 

Hey Sam - it's seemingly random at the moment but it's seems to only happen to laptops. We're a dell shop, we use Cylance for AV (checked logs, nothing flagging there).

Worth noting, it's happening to both Teams and Excel and the resolution has been the same for both: disable GPU acceleration.

This is also very interesting, not sure how Excel uses the native Windows GPU Acceleration but for Teams, it's a Chromium software based GPU acceleration that triggers based off the platform (Electron) so there could be something flagging here. We saw something in the past that this can be caused (this being multiple apps triggering high GPU acceleration) due to some performance implications on the device like Xbox Game Bar being enabled (it thinks Teams is a game in this case). It might be worth checking here;