Is it possible to briefly show a best practice at Teams options at the start of a meeting?

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In our company we're interested in presenting brief reminders of "best practices" in Teams meetings automatically at the start of a Teams meeting. 

Something like a line of text that would appear in the options screen, or just at the start of the meeting, as in the example below: 




Does anyone know if this kind of configuration is even possible? I have not yet been able to find it. 

We're looking for creative ways to "nudge" our employees about best practices by giving them bite-sized, and hopefully within the teams meeting experience itself.

I've also shared this item at Driving Adoption:

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There is no extensibility on the pre-join screen, so you won't be able to do it there.


You could develop a Teams meeting app that could send a message as new meetings start, it would require developer skill to build the app and plan it's deployment. It would be true development, far more than configuration. You can start reading about meeting apps at Apps for Teams meetings - Teams | Microsoft Docs

Many thanks for your response. I had expected pretty much the same, but grateful for the clarity. We'll have a look whether actual development for this is something we want to take up.