Information on Teams on SurfacePro doesn't match calendar etc accessed via web browser

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I am experiencing problems with Teams on my surfacepro.

Teams on my phone and PC worl but not on the surfacepro.

I have been in contact with Microsoft support and have been led to this space. My case number is 1017627305. I have spent three hours with different Microsoft Support people so far.

Accessing my TEAMS application via a browser gets me to my calendar and information. However when I access Teams on my SurfacePro the calendar is empty.

Please help me to get Teams on my SurfacePro linked to my calendar and details.

Thanks for your assistance,


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Hi, if the browser version of Teams works OK, then the best thing to try is to clear your Teams cache for the desktop app.  You can find instructions here, 



Many thanks for your suggestion.


I tried this a few times along with shutting down my SurfacePro but I still have the same problems on the SurfacePro.


Do you think uninsalling and re-installing Teams may help?


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@MichelleStern1953 It might be something you already tried, but have you logged out of Teams and logged back in, being certain that you are logging in with the same account id and password that you use from the browser? I know that in my case I have a situation where both my personal and work share the same ID, which sometimes leads me to a similar situation where I expect to see something in my calendar but don't because I've actually signed into the wrong account.


Thanks Bob @Bob Manjoney


I have tried doing just that many many times.

I do have that problem with two accounts.

I don't know how I ended up with two accounts.

My account ID and password are the same for both accounts.

I don't seem to be able to get onto the account I originally set up. The system keeps telling me I can't have access to the organisation and shows me two accounts.

Thanks for thinking about my problem.