Information barriers and Guest lookups

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I have use case whereby a single tenant with internal users in different departments must not be able to search for guests when they are in the same tenant directory using info barriers. The guests can search for internal users but not the other way around, internal users cannot search for guests that are part of private teams. An example: Internal user A creates a new private team A and adds two guests guest 01 and guest 02 to this team A. Internal user B creates a new private team B and adds two guests guest 03 and guest 04 to this team B. The requirement is so that internal user A cannot search for internal guest 03 or 04 and internal user B cannot search and find guest 01 and guest 02 in the directory. Internal users A and B should still be able to search for each other. Is this possible using info barriers?

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Hello, if I understand well your question: yes it is possible... but It could be complicated in the long run!
It depends of your Information Barriers segments architecture and the different levels of communication your want to implement.

For your case, you would need to create several segments:
- Segment1: User A => blocked with Segment4
- Segment2: User B => blocked with Segment3
- Segment3: Guest 01 and Guest 02 => blocked with Segment1
- Segment4: Guest 03 and Guest 04 => blocked with Segment2

I gave a similar example in an article I recently wrote on the topic:

Let me know if it answers to your need.
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Love the blog post with your segments :D