Incorrect hours of work in Teams

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Hello, could you please help me?


I have wrong work hours in my Teams: they are shown from 08:00 to 17:00.


That is not correct, I work from 9 till 18, and in my Outlook I have correct settings, and calendar in Outlook looks correct.


How can I change work hours for Teams? 




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Hello, probably just a matter of synchronization here if you've used the Outlook client in cached mode. Try setting your working hours using Outlook on the web instead, then you act directly against your mailbox. You could possibly quicken the change by signing out manually from Teams (top right corner) when it has been done.

@ChristianJBergstrom , tnanks for your respond, - unfortunately, it didn't help. In my web outlook settings I see 09-18 working hours. I quited Teams and entered again, nothing changed, still shows 08-17 hours. 



Did you sign out or quit? Sign out if you just quit. I don't know when you changed this but it can take some time to update depending on your org. config.
I meant, I signed out. My working hours in Outlook - I have never changed it, they were correct by default after setup...