Inability to delete a tab from a meeting?

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I am the meeting organizer.  I added a OneNote tab, but realized that the OneNote I chose is not accessible to everyone in the meeting.  (I chose a OneNote in a SharePoint site that not all attendees have access to.)
So I moved the OneNote content to a common SharePoint location.  I have confirmed that my attendees can access it.  "Good!"  But I don't have an option to remove the previous OneNote tab I added.  "Not good!"

Is it expected behavior that once a tab is added to a meeting, there's no way to remove it?  Unlike tabs in a channel where you can simply right-click and remove it, the only option on a meeting tab (created by me) is "Copy".  :thinking_face:



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Hello Andre, so is this option not available to you?


Screenshot 2022-01-12 121159.png

If that is the header from a meeting, then "Yes, you are correct." In my picture above, (you need to click to enlarge it, and then click fullscreen option), when I right-click on it, it only gives the [grayed out] "Copy" option. Makes no sense to me. Hence why I'm here. :D

Just tried the same thing with a different meeting. This time, I chose a Form (poll).
Got the same result. I can add it, but I can't remove it.



What is strange to me is that in your screenshot you do not have the down arrow that I do have

Are you correctly identified as the organizer if you review the list of participants of the meeting?

From Teams web is there a difference?
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@Andres Gorzelany 
Yes, it was very strange that I didn't have the arrow.  But now I do... WTF??? 🤷🏻‍:male_sign:
I dunno... "Case closed"???




Glad to hear


You are not crazy.  I currently cannot remove tabs.  Same story as you.

I'm waiting for my "I do now...." moment.

@Darth_DavidOne can apparently delete a tab when participating in the meeting.


1) Add a tab to the meeting

2) Join the meeting

3) In the top panel next to reactions click on your added tab

-> A new panel opens on the right side of the meeting window

4) At the top of this new panel click on the "..." next to the closure button and choose "Remove" from the menu


Here's a screenshot in german, but it hopefully gives the idea.



@Andre_LeBlanc this is exactly what i'm going through today.  Did it just fix itself?  I've unfortunately put confidential notes in to the wrong meeting and need this remove function now!


Can anyone help?  @microsoft anyone...eek

Yes, it eventually fixed itself.
For your immediate need of removing notes... just copy & paste them into the correct meeting, and simply delete the text in the incorrect meeting.  The tab will still exist, but at least it'll be empty.

@Andre_LeBlanc Thanks for taking the time to reply.  It's actually a one note notebook.  I can't even find out now how to delete the book.  It may be permissions related, but it's certainly frustrating and a bit scary TBH.  Looks like it might be a bug, not sure.

@Andre_LeBlanc I had the same issue and figured that you need to actually first click on the tab to open the onenote, then the arrow will show up with the delete option available... SOOO unintuitive...


Hope this helps! :D

@SimonBe16 This worked for me! THANK YOU!!