Identifying Subject Matter Experts in Teams

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Is there a way for Subject Matter Experts to identify themselves in Teams. E.g. A MS Teams expert would be able to identify this skill so that others could find them if they were looking for someone that was an SME in this area?

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@SKarbsthe easy way to get this as workaround will be creating a communication site or even using the Microsoft Learning pathway where you have most of the Microsoft 365 apps F.A.Q and besides your could create your own contents and spotlighting few of the MS Teams experts on the front page as SME for Teams shorten the URL to something like and spread the word....


here is the link for Learning pathways =


This is one of the exact use cases MS promotes for using the Who bot.

Each of your SME could go to
In the "About me" section there is an option to "Add skills and expertise"
SME would have to enter the information in their own profiles or ask a Global Admin / Deveolper to enter using JSON or web calls to the API.
Then others in the Teams could use the /Who bot which people could then query like "Who knows about Teams" to which the bot would search and respond.