I screwed up my Teams account!

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Please help me!


I am new to MS Teams, Admin, Azure and so on. I have a MS Personal account with active subscriptions. I wanted to test teams out so I can implement it for use in my company. So I signed up for MS free teams using the personal account with my own domain.


I created a free organisation. It worked. But I wanted to change the name of it and I couldn't figure out how. I deleted that free organisation but it was still shown in the Teams App. So I found an article: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/office/delete-your-teams-free-organization-2c28cfcf-3fbf-497c-93...


I was thinking I should delete the teams account so I could start over fresh. Now I was told that once teams are deleted, I can no longer re-create a free organisation with the same domain name. There are 3 days left till the Teams free is deleted. I have contacted support a few times but received no conclusive help. I am not sure if I have stated my mission clearly:


I just want to have a working free organisation for my personal MS account under my current domain.


Please help! Appreciated!

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Hi there- if you’re going to be a global admin for your company and testing out custom solutions for your company as well check out the developer program. You can get access to a tenant to test Teams and custom apps before you test in your production environment. It might offer you a better solution as you will only get limited features in Teams with the Free version.


You can also sign up for Teams exploratory version for your company if you want to just test drive it and don’t need any custom development- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/teams-exploratory

I hope this helps.

@Ethan Stern 


Hi Thanks for your advise! I already have a 10 person Microsoft Business account setup for my company and the Teams for business is working.


I  am just having problems with my personal teams!


The whole thing is just VERY confusing. So many versions of Teams, free, personal, app, pc client, admin console, azure... I spent more time trying to set things up than actually using it. Contacted support for a few times and yet here I am still. May be it's not a solution for me.