I can't see files in Microsoft Teams

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Hi. I was using Microsoft Teams and when I tried to see the files on all my different teams I couldn't access them or even see them. This is the message that I get everytime I try to access any files, although it only started happening a few days ago. Any tips on how to fix this?

Edit: this only happens in the Teams app, not in the browser version.

Microsoft teams file error.PNG

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Does all the other members also see this?

Logged out /in into client?
Tried the web client?

@adam deltinger Yes, I tried the web client and it worked there. I also tried to log out/in the app but that didn't seem to change anything. Finally, as far as I know, I'm the only one in the team who has this problem. Thank you.

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Uninstall client! Delete all folders mentioned here:

Then reinstall

It worked! Thank you so much


@Pipo_pcf I got the same on App and Web for only one Channel. When I accessed it via Mobile I was able to access Files without the error but again still no Content - Id sent several emails, so expected to see the Email Folder. Mobile advised I was able to add a file or a folder. So I set up a dummy folder and that did the trick. I can now access Files from App, Web and Mobile.

Thank you @Davie Hay ! Your solution, very simple, works well.

Since many months we used this Channel (and file storage), we suddenly lost access with this message: "we are configuring your file directory". I created a test folder via the mobile application and all users have automatic access to all files and folders.

I've got the same issue and I get the message even on a new machine? Yesterday it was fine, then MS had these ADD issues and now I can see any of my data which is beyond worrying.

Any ideas?