I can't enable the Camera in micrsoft teams app

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Camera works without problems if i use web application but it is not enabled if i use the app in my laptop.  To give apps permission to use my camera  i did the following it in Settings.

 Press Windows +I to open settings.
 Go to Privacy.
 Select Camera then make sure to Allow apps to access your Camera is turned on (but MT app is not listed)
 Look for Microsoft Teams in the list and Turn it on .... but not allowed to enable the camera in MT app



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I am not sure what camera you are trying to use and it may be something to do with that.  I looked up a couple of similar issues that might help you?

there is a known issue documented in this one above with Windows.

This issue used the following fix: 

Start >Control panel> Administrative tools> run Computer management as admin

Go to Device Manager >Cameras

Find HP HD Camera > Right click on it and choose Update driver

Choose Browse my computer for device software

Choose Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer

Choose USB Video Device

Choose next


Here's a good blog that talks about potential issues you might want to have a look at:


If none of these resources help you, I would recommend going to and opening a support ticket there.  They can help identify issues for you and help you figure out why you might be having trouble by looking at what's happening in your set-up.  Thanks!


@Laurie Pottmeyer 


Hi Laurie , Thanks a lot ! I  applied you suggestion  .. and now Camera is enabled and working also with MT application .. 

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Great news!
I'm glad I was able to help.



Hi i was wondering which of the steps helped you fix it? Thanks

Hi similar issue but teams app isn't showing in the permissions on the camera