Hyperlinks not working in WebSite Tab when using SharePoint pages

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Hi, When I use a "WebSite" tab to display a SharePoint Page in Teams, when clicking on links, it does nothing. However, if the tab points to other sources like a web site, links are working.... Any idea how to make it work with SharePoint pages?


I don't want to use the "SharePoint" Tab as, frequently, loading performance is horrible.



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@Martin Coupal AFAIK if the link it trying to open a new window or new tab then it won't work, as this really isn't a browser. If it's a straight link then it will work. There are lots of different ways to make links in SharePoint, maybe check how they are configured.

Hi Steven, even strait links won't work. I've tried links with the text web part, quick links web part. Even with the PNP modern search reasults web part with the data-interception on or off.. Nothing is working.

We are having the same problem. More curious - one link is working. But it does not differ from the others.
It is also not working in Teams web.
As the Tab is rolled out in about 300 Teams and it worked before - there must have been a change in the last 1-2 months. 


Correction: After clearing my Teams cache - this is also not working

Hi, I'm having the same issue - links to SharePoint pages suddenly no longer working when the site is added to MS Teams as a 'Website' tab. Worked fine previously, do you know if there is a fix as yet? Thanks
Our developers fixed it by script and set it to "SharePoint Tab" instead. I am sure that it won't be fixed by MS

@Andrewlong I would recommend opening cases with Microsoft in order to get a formal response and update if they identify a fix is required. I've checked in my client and not had a problem with any links so far so can't really comment further.

Hi, thanks for the reply @StephanGee and @StevenCollier. Ok, will raise and see if I can get a response.

@Steven Collier @Andrewlong Did you find any help when raising the ticket on this subject? I have exactly the same issue en indeed cleared the cache

@Steven Collier @Andrewlong Did you find any help when raising the ticket on this subject? I have exactly the same issue en indeed cleared the cache
Hi @mereldessens, no unfortunately not but only due to my work account not having permissions to contact MS and raise a service request.

@Martin Coupal 

I have the same issue but on and off. Text hyperlinks are set to open in new tab but as soon as republishing the page, the links revert back to open in new tab unchecked... Any suggestions?