💡 How to use Employee Ideas App in Microsoft Teams



In this video tutorial, you’ll learn how to collect ideas from users within Microsoft Teams.

I’ll walk you through every capability of a Teams App provided by Microsoft for FREE in the apps store called Employee Ideas.

This App is built with Power Platform more specifically with Power Apps and allows users of an organization to submit ideas giving the ability to managers to select top ideas.

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So I had a play around with this and the piece I'm missing is when I'm viewing an idea, I'd like to be able to add a comment to the idea. This way I can view what others have said and then decide on my overall vote. It would also be nice to like a comment so if there was some really good feedback or point made that would impact the idea it would be good to show my support.

I can see that an idea is posted into the channel its associated with but there is no link to idea itself and though you can comment in the channel against the idea it seems an odd place to do this.

Its a good start but misses key functionality that would make it a good free solution. I'd also want to see the ability to at least move an idea through a basic process and even assign an idea for someone to review in this process.

Bit short of what I'd have expected.

Garry @ Spirax Sarco
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Hi @Garry,

thank you for your valuable feedback, you should submit your suggestions here:

@Giuliano De Luca Does this require any power apps licensing to work for user interaction? ?

@Giuliano De Luca 



I'd like to know how to export all the ideas from each campaign? We'll need to select the suitable ideas from employees, a list of ideas would be better for selection. 

Looking forward to hearing from you, thanks. 

I am also interested about how licencing goes?
You can access the items (ideas) that you want directly from Dataverse
Do you know how to remove the Manage Ideas Tab from certain users? Maybe team owners can see it only?