How to sync MS Teams Android app ?

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I noticed the chat history in my MS Teams app on android is not synced with the current chat history on the desktop app. How do i refresh or sync Microsoft Teams app on Android ? 

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Hi Joseph, Are you on any TAP programs\beta software trials? I've seen issues like this in the past, but only on a desktop client that was in a development ring. If you're using GA software, I would suggest opening a ticket with Microsoft
Hey there and thanks for responding. Sorry for the delayed response, obviously I'm new to the community but now that I have a profile I should be able to offer some great feedback in my line of work. Certainly have a lot of questions.
TBH, I'm not familiar with any Betas or TAP but I feel like I may have seen "TAP" Somewhere before ? possibly through my employers login service on Exchange ? It does seem like the issue has corrected itself after I shut down Teams completely as well, my Android app.