How to silence the activity feed?

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How do I silence the activity feed in Teams?  It provides nothing of value, but I can't find a way to get it stop notifying me of pointless things, like someone giving a thumbs up to a post somewhere.  It's doubly useless because the activity feed keeps pretending there's something I should know about even if I've obviously already seen whatever it wants to tell me about.  So if someone puts a reaction on a message in a chat with me, I have to open the activity feed to get the stupid thing to stop pretending there's some activity about which I need to know.  Since it's clearly broken, I need a way to get it to leave me alone.  But I can't find a way to get just the activity feed to be quiet.

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I only want to silence the activity feed, not all channels. The activity feed is the useless one. I haven't found any notification settings that specify they affect the activity feed only.
It's in there, turn the "likes" and whatever off.



I've already got "Likes and reactions" set to off.  That setting doesn't appear to have any effect anywhere.

That doesn't fix the root issue -- messages in the activity feed show as read if you were already in the chat where they occurred.

The same needs to happen for reactions.
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