How to set the retention Policy for Microsoft Teams Files


I want to set the retention policy for Teams Files.

As I know, I can set the policy for SharePoint Site and OneDrive for business.

I want to delete the files which belong to Teams.

How do I choose the SharePoint sites and the OneDrive accounts in the setting.


Thanks in advance.

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Hi @null_null

Here is how to set a retention policy for Teams chats and conversations

Here is for SharePoint and OneDrive

Teams is a converged application. Files in Teams go into SharePoint (For Teams files) or OneDrive (for personal files). Setting the retention policy on SharePoint and OneDrive files is therefore setting it for files in Teams

To specify which SharePoint sites and OneDrive accounts would be when you are creating the policy - see here

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@Christopher Hoard 

this might be the perfect answer.



@null_null ,

to get a quick look (not a detailed documentation) on how retention policy works ,click on the link below.


It is a Microsoft Tech community blog Post!


@Christopher Hoard 

Thanks so much for your reply.

We want to make sure if we set the retention policy for the OneDrive account, will all of the files (some belong to Teams and some not) in OneDrive for Business be deleted or just the files (chat file) belong to Teams will be deleted.

We want to set a policy that just deletes the files belong to teams and have no effect on other personal files.

Thanks so much.