How to set login name automatically when start Teams

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As titled, how to set the login name automatically when start Teams. 

I'd like to set automated entered login name that org want not a domain joined login name. 

Is there any possible way to set this?  

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@adele2022 If you don't have a mechanism of single-sign-in configured then Teams will pick up the logged in users identity automatically. You can prevent that behaviour following these steps


Teams defaults to domain-joined account - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


That will mean that the users will start with a blank and need to add their username and password each time, you can't define it to be something else.


Really your IT should investigate SSO, then users wouldn't need to enter any credentials, it would just always be signed in.



actually in my case, I have on-premise AD and AAD not synced with on-prem AD.
In this case, when starting Teams, on-premise AD UPN is showed automatically.
However I'd like to set up the AzureAD UPN to appear automatically when starting Teams. Is this possible scenario?
The user's Alias is same between AD and AAD, but the domain name is different, and there is no plan to sync.

@adele2022 No, the only configuration is the setting I reference above that will give you an empty login box. Once a user has logged in though it should be preserved, you don't need to login everytime you use Teams.


If there is no sync between AD and Azure AD then you won't get any kind of Single Sign On working either.