How to remove entire Teams chat history for a O365 user

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We have an executive user who is leaving by the end of this month. She requested the IT to remove all her chat history in Teams before she leave and want to see the chat box is empty when login to Teams with her account.

Is there a way for the IT admin to do this removal from the backend?

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@lonlee Well, this isn't an easy fix as the functionality for deleting private chats is still on the backlog


Teams chat data is stored in Azure and ingested to Exchange for compliance reasons, so when the account is being deleted/license removed it will, as far as I know, be deleted after the default retention period. If not configured otherwise of course.


I did find this which is supposed to be a workaround, but I have no idea if it works and as I just saw it and cannot verify it either 


If you try it, please let me know the outcome.


@adam deltinger 


Seem like able to work by doing it from the retention policy. Will apply this weekend, should be able to know the answer next week.


Thanks Adam.