How to open Teams meeting link in personal Teams app (Windows 11), not business Teams app?

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as I updated to Windows 11 and now I have two Teams apps - personal and business one.

As I organize meetings from personal app and use same meeting link for more meetings, I want to be able to join to Teams meeting via link through personal app, but every time, once I open link, business Teams app opens (and I'm not an organizer of meeting there, so not able to start the meeting).


Is there any way to assosiate Teams meeting link with personal Teams app? Or how to open Teams meeting directly in personal app?


Thank you


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Hello, this is happening because these are two different identities (personal account vs business account). It's not optimal to use Teams this way with the desktop app so I suggest you use a browser with separate profiles or InPrivate mode / Incognito mode being signed in to both of these but keeping the credentials apart.

@ChristianJBergstromthank you,

as I finished in my last job, I no longer use business account, I only have a personal account. But Teams for business are launching every time, when I open a Teams meeting link and I need to quit them, so not very comfortable :(


Thanks for suggestion - yes, I can use just browser version of Teams, but there is missing some essential funcionality, like blurred background, so I still need to use an app.


Hopefully Microsoft will merge these two application in future.


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Ah, if you're not using the business account you should remove it from your computer (Account Settings) and if you're still belonging to that org. (or any other) you can leave those. (top right corner 'organizations' and then manage orgs.
Thanks Christian, it helped!
But still, I need two Teams applications in Windows 11 - one for "personal" Teams meetings, and business one for meetings created in business version of MS Teams, so hopefully one app will be enough in future! :)
Great! Yes, I know. But in the business version you have the possibility to add a personal account even today. But "full" multi-account support will come later, second half 2022. You should add your vote to this request and follow it to stay updated


I have the same problem, as I used to login using my university email years ago and now no more, they still existed in my list (see below), but always I can't open the meetings using the app. After I removed the organizations from the account I received the below message. 

Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-01 um 10.25.25.pngBildschirmfoto 2022-09-01 um 10.06.45.png