How to / need to create an alias for a group of ids

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This is a basic and easy to use feature in Slack -  It is extremely useful to manage communications in dynamic organizations, an example being who are the admins or team-leads in a project.  Instead of updating internal team docs to indicate who is the current user(s) to @ in communications, you can have @admins or @leads.  


So I want to create a group @admins with users @user1, @user2, etc.  In our documentation for users, we can state "if there is an issue, @admins and report the problem".  Documentation does not need to be updated every time team composition changes, we just need to update the alias/group.


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@CKimeAus Not quite the same, but you are probably looking for Tags in Teams


Using tags in Teams (

This is what I was looking for, but did not find it after spending some time looking in the documentation. In most of my Teams I am not an owner and did not have the ability to define, unfortunately.