How to make Teams read the Read-Only status of a stored file.

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I am collaborating in Teams where both of the people working are owners.  We need access to working files but Historical files should be ready-only. It is critical to have faith that they were not changed.  There are 3 ways to prevent this that I have found. 2 of them are setting the file or folder to view only but that does not work with the owners. The Read-Only bit is set on my PC copy so I can't accidently change Archive files. These are copied to Teams but I recently found out that Teams ignores this attribute and allows the Owner to modify them.  Did I miss something? The only other thing I can see to do is to  Check-out all archive files.  That misses the point. I just want the Owners to be made aware they are Read-Only and have to take manual action to change that.  This is an important feature Teams is missing for collaboration where new and archive files are used. Any Ideas from the group? Hopefully, I just missed something. 

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Hi @Bob_Collins -  have you looked at declaring records in place? It adds the step of having to manually remove a record before something can be edited. Configuring in place records management (


In the meantime, you may want to sign up for alerts on the list in the event of existing files be edited so you can catch it right away and revert to the correct version. Create an alert to get notified when a file or folder changes in SharePoint (


Hope that helps!

Thanks Kelly. I am looking into this. My first attempt was unsuccessful, but I asked for help, and I will try again next week.