How to keep the Teams chats contents


Is there has some solutions to store the organization's Teams data as below:

1, 1 to 1 chat ( Audio and Video )

2, Group chat ( Audio and Video )

3, Teams posts

4, Web Meeting ( Audio and Video ) history


Thanks so much for your help.




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@null_null Hi,

Not sure if this answers your question but I think it is currently a no in terms of retaining audio, although you would be able to track call initiations via the audit log once enabled.


For Video, you could ensure that recordings are made and it would then ultimately after being processed in Azure, end up in Stream.


For Personal Chats and Team Channel chats, this is a bit more baked in and you can do many things, amongst which one of them is the ability to specify retention policies.





Thanks so much for your replay.

I checked the document Shifts in Teams activities,  and it now is In Preview.

Can you share some sites with me where can I check the user chat or post history?

Thanks so much.

Chat is more on the eDiscovery side of things.

I would highly recommend you to take a look at the security and compliance videos at



@null_null Teams integrates with third parties who provide a call or meeting recordings for compliance, see


This is the list of partners show can provide a certified recording integration