How to get Teams Calendar link

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Based on the image attached, there is a Calendar section in Microsoft Teams that can reflect all calendars from every channel.  How can I get a URL link to this location in Teams? So that when someone goes to that URL, this Calendar area in Teams loads?



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That is your personal calendar, the same calendar as you have in Outlook/Exchange. I don't think you get Teams to open that calendar directly with a Link. 

Hi! Can’t see the image unless you attach it as a file but there’s no calendar for channels in Teams. There is an outlook calendar for the group though but there’s no native way of showing this is Teams other than a website tab linking to the outlook on the web calendar, or a custom built application. You can also create SharePoint calendars and link them to Teams the same way but yet again, no built in feature to get all these together. Seems like it’s a custom build app you refer to! I can’t tell for sure because I can’t see the image
I came across a similar question when putting together an ACE of Viva Connections, I used the following URL to redirect to the calendar app in Teams:

@kensleylewis Does anyone know how to do this in 2003? The layout isn't the same, and so the same directions don't seem to work. Thanks!