How to delete a Teams recording from a channel

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I want to delete a meeting recorded on a Teams channel. I'm an owner on this channel in my organization, but I do not have the option to delete the recording. I could delete it from stream, however, its still on the meeting chat.
How can I delete it?
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AFAIK, there is no way to remove the message automatically posted in a meeting channel or in a regular meeting when the recording is ready. Same happens with the meeting attendees report

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OUF! How is that possible? Peoples privacy is at stake!! Not even organization's admin or whatever? Its over?

Yes this so stupid.
I am not sure how Microsoft chooses to ignore this flaw. No one in the organization could delete. Its not an option. It recorded hours of my home and family talks.
The only way was by deleting the channel. I had to lose all my files on it and the documents uploaded kn Onenote.

I hate Microsoft.



I believe you can delete the recording from the backend SharePoint site, but you can actually delete the message/post in the channel.  



I feel this conversation needs an update. Of course recordings can be deleted.


Start by reading this Delete a meeting recording in Teams - Office Support (


When it comes to the recording posted in the chat, it's just a link to the recording and that message cannot be removed as it's system generated. It will eventually expire as a "broken link" if the recording has been deleted (in Stream/OneDrive/SharePoint) and later not even being a link.


I can understand that it can be an issue if not having any licenses for the storage part. Meaning the recording cannot be uploaded to either Stream or OneDrive/SharePoint. This isn't the case here though. But when the above happens the recording is being stored in Azure, for 21 days available in the chat, without the possibility to delete it.


Going forward this is how it will look like when it comes to permissions

Teams cloud meeting recording - Microsoft Teams | Microsoft Docs


There are some good documentation on the recordings, storage etc. If this doesn't answer any of the above questions please reply.


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