How to create new team and Link existing SharePoint Site programmatically instead of new site.

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I am working on an automation where I need to create a team dynamically and need to link it with an existing SharePoint site which is a subsite in the site collection. is there any way, I can link existing SharePoint site with a team in the MS Teams?


If above is not possible, then alternatively, is there any way, I can link "files" tab to an existing SharePoint Library programmatically?





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It does not help. I need to connect "Files" of MS Team, to a SharePoint Document Library.
Perhaps you should update the topic and not asking how to "Create new team using existing SharePoint Site".
I updated the topic.

ping @ganeshsanap Do you understand the request here?

@Rajesh Lohar You cannot add a Microsoft Team to a subsite, Teams can only be added to Sites (Site collections) which are connected to Microsoft 365 Groups.


Check below links to "Teamify" existing subsites:

  1. “Teamify” existing subsites with the help of ShareGate Desktop 
  2. Can i link a sub-site insdie a classic team site to a MS Teams 

Also, check this article about how to use existing SharePoint library as files tab in Microsoft Teams (not sure if it is still supported): Microsoft Teams: Use an Existing SharePoint Library 


However, you can always add any SharePoint library/page as a Tab in any Team/Channel. Integrate existing SharePoint 365 website into Microsoft Teams 

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