How To Create A Team In Microsoft Teams

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This Microsoft Teams tutorial will outline multiple different ways that you can create a new Team in Microsoft Teams. Specifically, it will demonstrate how to create a team from scratch, how to create a team from a template, how to create a team by copying a team and more. It will also demonstrate how to create an organization wide-team in Microsoft Teams. 


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Steps to Create a team from scratch:

Choose Teams Teams icon on the left side of the app, then select Join or create a team Join or create a team at the bottom of your teams list.

Hover over the Create a team card and select Join or create a team Create team.

Choose From scratch.

Decide what kind of team that you want this to be:

• To limit content and conversation to a specific set of people, choose Private.

• For a community or topic that anyone in the org can join, choose Public.

Name your team and add an optional description.

When you're done, select Create.

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These are the same steps covered in my tutorial so thank you for sharing!