How to activate Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report




I want to enable "Microsoft Teams meeting attendance report" [1].

I read here ([2]) that i have to do this using PowerShell.


I would like to know the exact command to enable this feature for all Teachers in my organization.


After looking at the examples here [3] i need to know if i must create a new policy or update an existing one!










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@GracianoTorrao Hello, I suggest that you create a new policy (using Teams admin center or PowerShell) and then enable the parameter for this, followed by assigning the policy to the teachers. You can of course use an existing policy as well, but as this is a per-user policy and should only be available for the teachers the former approach is the way to go.


Here's one example Enable Attendance Reports in Microsoft Teams – Contoso EDU

@ChristianBergstrom Thanks


I just executed the commands.

Do you have any idea if it is already available or if it is possible that it takes a while? 

@GracianoTorrao Hi, well done! Usually takes some time to synchronize.