How do we create a shortcut link to a private channel? (not available like normal channels)

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Great that we now have private channels. Have been looking for how to link to them but cannot find a way. This is normal for normal channels but has been left out of Private ones for some reason. Having this functionality is very important as without it you have to use screenshots to get to them. 

Anyone know how to or when this may be coming in?



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Not sure why it is not there, but I can confirm it. You can request a change for this here:

And/Or from Teams client > Help (lower left corner) > Give feedback


As a workaround you can open Team web app (, open the Private channel and copy the URL from the web browser.

@Linus Cansby Thanks. Great ideas for work round. Will feedback to Tech Team 

@SebRSR Just wanted to note that the workaround allows you to link the private channel itself, but not the conversation.

@Linus Cansby 


Isn't ridiculous how the web version has more functionality than the app? Some aspects of Teams are a real eye roller.

@MasterDebater Was not aware. What  kind of functionality?



Agreed this should be included just like standard channels. My workaround is to use the Share to Outlook option on the message and send it to myself. When I get the email I copy the link embedded in the Go to Teams link. Even though it has "Share to Outlook" as part of the link it still works as expected.


@beniwatech wrote:
everyone vote for it on

I'd like to but I'm getting "This site is not currently active" error when activating link