How do I search a SharePoint list from a Teams Tab?

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When I add a SharePoint list as a tab in a Teams channel, there doesn't seem to be any way to search the list.  Am I missing a setting, or is this by design?   This is making long lists as a Teams tab practically unusable for us.  Work arounds are using filters, but that is not intuitive to most of my users, OR, click the Open in SharePoint button, and then do the search there (which defeats the purpose of adding the list as a Teams Tab)   The Teams search bar at the top of the screen does not search the list.


Here is a screenshot of what I am seeing:



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@Troy Fulkerson You're not missing anything: the Search function in Teams works (sort of - I've had issues with it not searching channel descriptions) across Teams, but not inside any tabbed SharePoint lists / Planner Plans, etc. This is most likely because the content in those tabs is simply loaded as a web page: the underlying data from Sharepoint isn't indexed in Teams. An example of this would be any list that is "special" like an Issues list: you can't even add them using the SharePoint widget, they have to be added as a Web Page by URL.


Ideally Microsoft will eventually redirect the search bar at the top to post your query to the current tab's search bar like how most browser address bars route a non-URL request to your specified search engine, but we're nowhere near there yet.


Planner is workable using filters since there's a generic keyword spot at the top of the filters. Sharepoint lists... not so much.



@Troy Fulkerson 


You can force the list to use Classic View which is ugly but give you the full Sharepoint search capabilities as well as ability to search the list. 


Shame that doesn't translate to the modern list view. 

I still cant' believe we are at the end of 2021 and you still can't search a list on a teams tab... What's the point of building business apps with such great potential, building automation flows that work beautifully with teams and lists, and artificial intelligence, what's the point of having all these beautiful software solutions under one roof, IF THEY CANT FRIGGIN WORK TOGETHER and such a simple function as SEARCH is missing from beginning and it's not even in the development funnel??

There's an abundance of such idiotic crippled features and functionalities in the O365 ecosystem, but I think this one is a top 3... I mean, where's the product manager? Doesn't he use lists for open issues??? How does he find a specific task, if NOT with a search? Does he/she open a list on a Sharepoint site and then perform the search?!
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