How do I insert an image that fits nicely within the frame of a "Post" function?

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When i upload an image using "Posts" function, it shrink to fit within the canvas/ artboard, hence it looks like a super small thumbnail

What is the image size i should set to fit the whole canvas frame nicely without being shrunk too small? 

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AFAIK I haven’t seen any documentation about this! Try some different image sizes and see.

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I was asking this myself as well..... Have to design an image for a client of mine to post in channels. Couldn't find an answer on this matter in the documentation from Microsoft which is truly a missed opportunity for them. This in my book is some basic documentation you want to give your users.

Anyway, I tested it out myself.... Needed 8 versions to discover what the threshold was where Teams doesn't automatically scale the image down when the original image officially is larger than the format. (strange but hey, they made it work that way). Got the best results on 1700x475 px (with 92dpi in 24 bit, this bit only adds to the quality of the image when you have the tools avaible). This takes full advantage of the space given within the channels feature of Teams and posting a image.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for sharing the best practice! Appreciate this.