How can I make a channel read-only for students?

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During an (online, remote) exam, I would like students to be able to contact me (to ask questions) in a personal (and private) channel that I have created for each student. For the exam, I have created a separate (public) channel to do announcements. I don't want students to have the ability to post in general or the exam channel.


How can I set that up?

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You can right click the channel and channel settings and turn on channel moderation for the exam channel. As for general you should be able to do the same the setting is a little different thou. Just set so owners can only post.

Just to clarify the details here, since they are not called "channel settings" and are somewhat hidden (as of Jan 2023) ...

  • Choose the "Manage channel" option on the channel's "..." menu.
    (Not the "Edit channel" option.)
  • If you are an Owner, change "Channel moderation" to "On".
    Now, "Only moderators" can post into that channel.
  • By default, Team Owners are the moderators, but you can add others.
  • By default, regular team members cannot post, but they can reply to messages.  You may disallow that, also.