How can I find out what type a team is?

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When creating a team, you must choose a team type. In our set-up, we have  a choice between:

  • Class
  • Professional Learning Community
  • Staff
  • Other

How can you see (e.g. when you were invited/added, and did not create the team yourself) what type an existing team has?

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Top right corner. Usually says Private / Public while in a channel in the Team.

Hi @Chris Webb 


In case the Team is a Public it would show as Org Wide in case the Team is Private it would show as Team.


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@Chris Webb: I meant team type in terms of the distinction between Class, Professional Learning Community, Staff, or Other.

I believe that the kind of Team created in regards of template being used is not displayed so I'm not aware of an easy way to know the template used to created the Team
In case you have E5 Subscription you can Label the Teams in the Azure AD according to the Classification you are looking from the Management Standpoint.
That's not he is talking about...clearly he has Teams for Edu an when you create a Team you can choose from different templates (up to 4) to create a Team...the question here (per my understanding) is the following: Is there a way to know which template was used to create each Team I have in my tenant?

@RealTime_M365  I am a fairly new user of MS Teams (as many, these days). I don't know these terms:

  • E5 Subscription
  • Label the Teams
  • Azure AD
  • Classification
  • Management Standpoint

The situation that some of us ended up in is that we created a team, making some kind of choice without being aware of all the consequences. And then it starts to matter. So, it would be good to get confirmation about the team type (that is the terminology used when creating a team in our set-up). Even the addition "for EDU" is new for me.


Anyways, thanks for all the responses. That is the quickest way to learn.

On a related note, why do some in my EDU tenant have the choices when creating a new Team while some don't?
I have the same question. I still can't find an answer. Any clues?

@wstomv In the Grid layout of Microsoft Teams, you can filter the type of teams on the upper right corner (see the attached image)


Literally spent two hours looking for this answer. Thank you! The filter shown in Teams GRID view (NOTE: Grid view only as far as I can tell) allows me to see the type of team that was originally created per the question here. Per my organization, options are PLC (Private Learning Community), Staff, and Other. As mentioned earlier in the thread each type of team has different limitations. For me personally, I've been trying all day to figure out why one Team had a Communications page and a means to invite the entire team to a team meeting - sort of the point of a Teams team in my opinion - MS!) and another Team did not. Anyhow, I used the filter to discover that the team type that's working as needed is PLC and the team type that isn't is Staff.
Thanks for the tip to switch to GRID view, without that, I wouldn't have known how to figure this out. Thanks also to @ozTriluck who suggested the filter option in the first place.