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Meeting camera settings not working

I scheduled a Teams meeting. In the meeting settings, I turned off camera and mics for all participants and saved the settings.
Today was the call. Participants joining the call could turn on mics and cameras. We had to ask them to turn them off. What am I missing?

We scheduled the call, then a few days later updated the meeting settings. Is it possible that the people who accepted before the setting changes were the ones who still had camera access?

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@Maimaimai525 Hi - I think I know what's happening and it's because there are different types of roles in Teams meetings:

  • Organizer/Co-organizer
  • Presenters
  • Attendees

The setting to disable mics and cameras is for attendees. However, if your meeting option for "Who can present?" is set to "Everyone", your participants will be classified as presenters, not attendees, so the setting won't affect them.


Next time, change the meeting option for "Who can present?" to "Specific people" or "Only me and co-organizers" depending on who you need to present. Everyone else will join as an attendee.



These articles will help:

@HelloBenTeoh thank you so much! This was the issue. Appreciate your help.