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A few weeks ago my TEAMS screen share stopped working. I have 2 DELL U3419W Monitors. When the desktop resolution is 3440x1440 my screen can not be view. If I lower the resolution my screen can be viewed. I have 4 workstations set up with similar set ups. ONLY 1 has this problem. I can share using my laptop but not when i use my desktop with the monitors...

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Sooo, are you getting errors? Locking up, what's it doing?

Have you tried switching your monitors around when it comes to primary screens and or position, maybe try duplicating and see if it happens etc.

@Chris Webb 

No error message. The viewer just sees a black screen. My screen looks  as it would if I was actually sharing. 

if I reduce the resolution the screen share works

Try Sharing with Chrome via see if same issue persists. If not, sign out of desktop and sign back in to clear cache see if that does anything, it's fixed so many problems in the past for me.
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@Chris Webb yes I have tried switch monitor hookup and even tried only having one monitor hooked up. The only thing that seems to work is reducing resolution 

@Chris Webb will give it a shot. Just can’t figure out why it use to work and now it doesn’t. I also noticed that Team is no longer part of the initial install on our office 365 portal. First you lay CJ the Team web app and then download it from with the app...

Can try to make sure you are running 64bit client as well. Another option to to see if it works is in Teams Settings disable GPU option. If that works, might need a GPU driver update / firmware or something.
I have the same exact issue with 2 Predator monitors, I can now only share over Chrome web interface not the app

@keberly Same issue here. Its affecting most of our company and is super inconvenient- we all use share screen on a daily basis. 


We can also bump the resolution down for it to work, or share specific app windows. However we should be able to share at resolutions above 2560x1440 without any issues, like we all could before. 

It's not just the resolution because I've got 2 x 2k and working fine. I mean it could be resolution with certain graphics cards or something. I'll do some digging when I get to the office and see If i can find some similar setups. What graphics device / driver are you all using?

@Chris Webb  I've surface laptop 2, and worked fine on my LG 34UC98 monitor since few days ago

Ahh, didn't notice it was Ultrawide resolutions not 2k. Anyway, I got a response back that Microsoft is aware of issue and working on it. No ETA on fix.

@Chris Webb thanks for the answer. Yes, I have to UHD 3440 x 1440 and that is the problem. If I change down to 2560 it works :)

Furthermore it happens exact same thing with Skype.

@Chris Webb thanks a lot, do they have given an ETA for the fix?


Its good to find other people having the same issue. Does anyone know how to get an update to the fix from Microsoft?



I've been following updates here. I left the link below as well. Its weird that they're giving updates on a uservoice issue rather than via an announcement, but its all I've been able to find. 


Microsoft replied yesterday that they're working on a fix.

@keberly   Having the same exact problem with the same monitor

@Chris Webb yes it seems that they are finally acknowledging that there is an issue..just no solution. I can share screens if I use the app online

@keberly I have been working with Teams on both a computer and iPad, to teach middle school, since March 23rd. I'm thinking there was an update over the weekend as I am no longer able to use the functionality that I have been using daily, for weeks. Prior to yesterday (Monday, May 11th) I could log into a Teams meeting on my computer (used to see video of students and read chat).  I used my iPad to share my screen, using PDF's as the lesson, where I can write on the iPad as a smartboard (with a stylus pen), just like using our smartboard in a real class. Everything has run flawlessly. Yesterday, however, I found that the only way I can share my screen now (on my iPad) is to start broadcasting and record the session. We have a strict policy of "no recording" for student privacy. How can I get the functionality back to share my screen on the iPad without recording at the same time?  Thank you.