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I used my work email address to sign up for the free Teams. I later tried to delete that account in a complicated process which I didn't understand (


Next to the free Teams I am invited as guest in two organizations with the same email address.


Problem: When I sign into the Teams app on MacOS I can only select one organization and not the other. When I click on the invite link in the email from that organization, I can access Teams on the web.


How can I consolidate my Teams permissions and get access to both organizations where I am guest in Teams on MacOS?



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When you are logged in into Teams using a Work and Shool account, and that account is a guest in another tenant, the Teams client provides an option to switch tenants.

This requires that you are logged to your home tenant first. The home tenant is the M365 tenant where you received the invites.

Assuming that you use an M365 account.

@Thomas Stensitzki 


Thanks for the reply. I don't really have a 'home tenant' but only two guest accounts. The first one I was invited to works, I can select that organization. The second one does not, I can *only* access it by clicking on the link in the invite email and then using the 'go to web version' link on the invite page.


I mentioned the free Teams because I thought it might interfere with identity/access management. I never used it and tried to get rid of it.


It's the same in both Teams on MacOS and in a fresh private browser windows. I tried full reinstall of the MacOS client of course (deleted all traces in ~/Library and /Library).