GPU cannot be disabled (Win 10)

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Hello all,


I've been using MS Teams for some years now with little issues on a Dell Notebook with a dedicated GPU. I always had turned hardware acceleration off in Teams, as it drains the battery quickly and performance is fine without it. Recently, the GPU kicks in despite being turned off. There seems to be no way in preventing this.


I have already cleared Teams settings/cache, even reinstalled Teams. No change. This is really annoying as I need to do teams calls on the go, which was no problem in the past but is now heavily curtailed by battery life. Any idea?






Microsoft Teams Version  is (64-Bit)

Windows 10 Pro 22H2 19045.2251

Dell Precision 3550 with  Quadro P520


Task Manager looks like this: 


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Hi there - we don't recommend disabling Teams GPU as this tends to cause heavier load on the CPU and can ultimately slow down the app. However in your case if you've found that it makes your experience smoother, I'd be interested to know more about this. Did you disable this specifically from the Teams settings, or from Windows Settings itself? There are typically both the software GPU to disable (Teams) and hardware option to disable (Windows) that you can do.

Sam Cosby, Teams Engineering PM

Thank you, @Sam Cosby,


disabling hardware acceleration in the app (Teams) did nothing for me - it kept using the dedicated GPU, not the IGP, which drained the battery very fast. This was different in earlier versions of Teams, which didn´t call for the GPU.


I have now disabled the GPU in the Windows device manager (I very rarely need it anyway). It now works reasonably fine. You would recommend to switch hardware acceleration back on again, now the GPU is out of the way? I'll try that as performance is not stellar right now.


Cheers , Ingo