Get-CsDialPlan Disappeared

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One day, being curios about the dialed number manipulations that Microsoft Phone System does for us when we just have the user with specific country locations and not assigned with TenantDialPlan, I found out that the command listing all country specific dialplans disappeared. 

Get-CsDialPlan not possible anymore.

Still being published on Microsoft pages as availble, I simply do not have it. 

Any hint why from insight guys? 

I understand these are not possible to be changed (which I would anyway welcome) but not giving option to display? At least visible when displaying EffectiveDialplan ... 


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Did you install the latest powershell modules (Teams and Skype)? 



Get-CsDialPlan is the on-premises cmdlet, when using online you can use: Get-CsTenantDialPlan

@Erwin Bierens 

Yes, sure, I am using the latest one. 

Yeap I know about Get-CsTenantDialPlan as mentioned in my post, my point was that Get-CsDialPlan was present also in Online environment. And other commands related to this one. 


It is still mentioned as present in Skype online here:

I also found one article from Frank Carius which i also describing the command as available.


I have not used the online dial plans in a very long time and now noticed that I am not able add custom normalization rules to the existing "built-in" dial plans.

When I run Get-csdialplan I can see the Microsoft dial plans for each county and when I look at the US dial plan I can see it contains a custom normalization rule I added a very long time ago but I cannot seem to add new rules to the US dial plan anymore.