Forgot to end recording before leaving the call

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I got a very embarrassing problem here....

I just hosted a 90min call on Teams including a recording of said call.

At the end  got hasty, having to join another call - and left the meeting before ending the recording.


Now, all I see is the chat entry of that call that recording has started and a few lines later, it say meeting has ended.


Please, can anyone tell me how to retrieve my recording ?!

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If the meeting was recorded that recording does not stop if you exit the meeting! It’s continues til everyone left the meeting. It should be available in the chat after a while. Also go to stream and check there just in case
I've just done the same thing. It looks like, from this, that it records for 4 hours so we might be able to get the vid and edit it down later:

I also tried going through the appdata folders on my PC to see where the streams were cached, but I couldn't find anything there. Anyone else tried anything?
All recordings are in cloud and are stored in the Microsoft Stream service.

Also, yes, after 4 hours it will stop and start a new recording instead

@adam deltinger 

Thanks for looking into this.

Meanwhile, luckily, I did get a notification that my video was ready. So, despite Teams not showing it and the file not being listed in Stream, eventually it appeared there.


However, even if the file is there, the recording, after som ~26minutes freezes.

Meaning, Audio keeps running fine, but the video freezes at that timestamp and doesn´t resume until the end of file.

Any ideas?

Hmm! That’s unfortunate! But if that’s the outcome there afaik not much you can do about it I’m afraid. There’s been lots of issues lately do to high loads in the service. Might be what’s has happened
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I dropped the call before ending the recording. After reading the answers to your question, I called back into the conference call and found 7 out of 105 attendees were still active on the call (they forgot to exit the meeting).  I was able to end the recording and dismiss the seven people.  I didn't want to store a four-hour recording just 38 minutes.

The workaround is to join the meeting again and stop the meeting.