Folder Structure no longer visible in a Team files tab


Hi , 


we are having a very weird scenario where the Folder Structure of out teams is no longer visible. 

only the title of the folder one is. 

this behaviour is happening in some teams, but not all. which makes this all even weirder. anyone any idea what is going on and how to fix it ? 


to add some visual : 

In some channels in Teams i dont see the folder structure (when i go in the tab "Files").
It should look like this Daniel_Herrera_Germany_0-1623769871033.jpeg


but in some channels it look like this




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Hi, how does it look like when using Teams on the web? Have you tried any troubleshooting such as signing out manually (top right corner), searching for updates, and also clearing the Teams desktop cache?
The only channel that shows the root document library is the General channel, all others will only breadcrumb if you click into a subfolder in the channel. Assuming that's by design cause it's common across my Teams and only way I can reproduce your issue.
Judging by the attachments these are both the General channel though :)
Good point, didn't notice the name there being in diff language :). This is a new recent change on the Breadcrumb nav, so it's possible that some teams may not have updated templates somehow. Def. look into the web, but sign out of Teams and back in as well to clear out cache and see if that helps.

@ChristianJBergstrom Yeah was the first things i tried :smile:. but did not work. some teams have that behaviour, others don't. 

right as @ChristianJBergstrom already mentioned is both general channel.
but the statement that it only happend on the general channel is also wrong, i do have this happening in several standard channels.

the only difference is the team. yet can figure out what exactly. Its a totally random behaviour.