External invited users not showing in participants screen

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Hi there how can I see the external invites in the Teams meeting screen so I can tell who has/has not yet joined.

can seem to find any related info to this.

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@CNExpera Hello, can't say I understand your question really but will reply anyway. You're welcome to elaborate.


You can see the joined participants in the meeting itself by choosing 'Participants' from the menu bar. You can also find participant information before the meeting, who has accepted or not for ex, by simply opening the meeting invite in Teams. There's a list to the right. You can also use Outlook and the "tracking" feature in the calendar view to see this information. As long as the invitees has responded you'll at least know which participants to expect.

@ChristianBergstrom What he is saying is that during your meeting, when it starts it shows "invited" in the participants list until they join, then they show as joined.  So the invited list dwindles hopefully to zero.  However, external users do not show up in the participants list.  They only show in the joined list once they have joined.  We have the same problem here at NMHS.org.  

@Terry_Lazer This does not address our question whatsoever.  

This did not solve the problem, when I attend meetings that other persons from my company have invited others (external users) I am able to see persons that were invited and their tracking information. (accepted or declined) in the participants list. However, when I host a meeting, I am not able to see this information. It's only each user joins the meeting do they show up in the participants list. I have to go to the Tracking information in Outlook or Teams Calendar to see the tracking information. Something is stopping that information from coming over to the Teams meeting.